Can't synchronize


it’s on my Mac , help me fix this and I can send you 1 LTC please I will also send some to this site .

Thanks Lino


When downloading the updated LTC wallet do I replace the old one when asking ?

So I updated but when the prompt asked if I want to keep the old one I said yes ,

Should of I replaced it , is that the problem ?


you can replace it with no problem…you need to rescan the blockchain…click help then debug window and then click console and then type rescan


I am dealing with Mac.

So when I down load the updated wallet allow the old wallet to be replaced?


yes as long as you have your back up
your backup goes here on a mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin/
so this file does not get replaced when you replace your installation…the new installation uses the same folder for the data input…

here is the wiki on data directory

you can save the chain data in a different folder when you first make the install it usually gives that option and on windows you can create a batch file containing this : start litecoin-qt.exe -datadir=data and then just click the batch file to start litecoin and it saves it in the folder named data in the location you have it…this is how I have my offline wallet…litecoin is installed in a folder that also contains a folder named data and I start it by clicking the batch file which is also in the same folder…
this is also how you’d restore your wallet…just replace the file named wallet.dat with your backup and rename it wallet.dat


Replaced the old wallet with the new one now this is what it looks like

No LTC showing , it did not pull it over but shows the failed transaction from the old wallet.

Now I am a little panic , I saved the back up to my desk top but how to I add it to my new wallet ?


wait till it synchronizes and your coins will be there…as long as you are using the latest version which is 0.14.2

what does the transactions tab say about the transactions status?


It shows its all up to date and I still dont show the coins.

at this point should I delete my wallet and start all over ?


is there a question mark or an X next to the key on the transactions tab?
make sure you only have one copy of wallet.dat in you application data folder…where you replaced the wallet.dat with your backup and renamed it deleting the first wallet.dat


its a Question mark I have a few copies dont really want to delete any maybe I will send to a drive . I gave up for now , what state and city do you live ?


you wallet will only work with one wallet.dat in place in the appdata folder… this is why your coins aren’t coming up also…get rid of every wallet.dat file and then paste your backup in the appdata folder and rename it wallet.dat…this is the only way it will work

put your backups somewhere else…btw only one backup is holding your coins once they are spent so it doesn’t make any sense to have more than one backup unless you have wallets on multiple pcs

the question mark is there because the transactions never got confirmed because your wallet grabs the wallet.dat file it came with first…and ignores all the rest…you can only have ONE wallet.dat file in your appdata folder at a time


Ok let me give that a shot.
I will keep you posted


I replaced the memory of my pc from 2G TOto 8G. And then uploaded Mac OS from lion to EL capitan for uploading litecoin application.
I m gonna upload my litecoin app next. So I haven’t recover my problem yet.


Not upload but update :blush:


I’m updating litecoin app to 0.14.x now!!!


I’ve updated litecoin but still can’t synchronize. I’ll try abandontransaction command that is not in the previous version.



how many KB in size is the transaction?

check the command line options as they are different than console options…in windows I start qt from command prompt like this: litecoin-qt.exe —help

in linux its ./litecoi-qt --help

should be close in mac…just get that help screen from command prompt

there is a command -assumevalid=hex

you may need to lower your mempool requirements…if the transaciton is under 5kb in size then that is why its not confirming…

Keep the transaction memory pool below megabytes (default: 5)

have you tried reindexing already?

here’s one option I do NOT recommend…but it may help if that transaction is the only one…Do Not Do tThis if you want to keep the transaction
Delete all wallet transactions and only recover those parts of the blockchain through -rescan on startup (1 = keep tx meta data e.g. account owner and payment request information, 2 = drop tx meta data)

also…in console…try
bumpfee “txid”

maybe it will up the fee so it can be mined into a block…


Thanks for your reply. I haven’t check how many sizes. I’ll check it. After I applied abandontransaction my available LTC was increased :+1:But synchronization has not been completed, so I’ll reload again. I’ll let you know.


I don’t recommend doing anything until your done syncing…you will not see anything until it is finished syncing as well…