Lost 1 LTC......Not yet redeemed


Hey guys,
I’m new on the Litecoin market and have a small problem…I made a paper wallet for my Litecoins and I send 1 LTC as a test. But the LTC did not arrived to the wallet. I went to explorer.Litecoin.net and I see that it says Not yet redeemed…I made a new paper wallet with another address and that worked fine for my other LTC’s…
My question is is it possible to get that lost 1 LTC to my new paper wallet address or did I lost it?..The address where I send the 1 LTC is: LRmugvitB6XRjHGkADHY4PkqXWqMET39qn.

Thanks I would appreciate some input…

Greetings from the Netherlands…


you paper wallet has not been broadcast to the network yet…you will need to import the address to your core wallet using the private key and once it is confirmed your paper wallet can be spent using the digital wallet or the paper wallet…once the private key is swept into a new wallet from the paper wallet it will also be spent form your core wallet



Thanks very much for your answer…I will try it…


you can start litecoin in command prompt by cd to the folder containing litecoin installation and the type litecoin-qt.exe -broadcasttransactions
this may only be available on armi386 versions of litecoind though…not quite sure
start it in command prompt with the -help flag first and double check the options to be sure this is what you want to do


Need help I transferred LTC last night and it never made it to the wallet I transferred it to. Found it on cryptoID but it says not yet redeemed. What do I need to do any help? Was using litecoin local to purchase and sent them to my coinpot wallet.


Not to sure about how the coinpot wallet works but…
you redeem using the “public key” which will hash to match the signature of the transaction…to either sign the message or sign the transaction…
can you get you private keys off of the coinpot wallet? if so you can import them into core and redeem them I know that…Im sure they can be redeemed using other wallets too…the address they were sent to basically just needs to be verified with the signature…

see if you can “sign a message” or "sign a transaction " with the coinpot wallet…if so signing it with the public key should do it…

I have personally not had to do this yet but I do know that is how the transaction is verified is and redeemed is with the public key by the wallet that contains the private key for the public address…


My bad…its not “sign transaction” that you want to do…
You want to "push the transaction"
I think there is an option on blockcypher to push transactions using the public key…which is just like redeeming multisig dust…if you have heard of that…


If you have the transaction is then I should even be able to push it in my core wallet and you’ll get it in the wallet that contains the private key…
It doesn’t matter who pushes it as long as it is pushed through


I would be grateful if you could because I’m a newbie to this. The hash was 3A1d6NyNvfCzRB3af5g7SRbk2hPTQwp5gK.


I need the transaction id…I can get the public key from the address but cant do anything without knowing the transaction id though…
also that address shows a zero balance on blockcypher.com
so I cant find the transaction with the address either with the most recent transaction of 5.77 LTC sent to:
3NjNehCTziU7APp2WB454kpBd5t2cx79j2 which seems to be an exchange address maybe…not sure


MGDmQGPLsn4RDgKUkxfTG4r9MPyuU68241 it’s the transaction that says not redeemed yet for. .4904


that is not a transaction id…that looks like a P2SH address…transaction id looks like this:ccca1d6f944f5820259e1028debcfaa74d4dca4e2c6ff8044b5c45817f4e64b8

according to blockcypher: “ccca1d6f944f5820259e1028debcfaa74d4dca4e2c6ff8044b5c45817f4e64b8” is the most recent transaction sent out of “3A1d6NyNvfCzRB3af5g7SRbk2hPTQwp5gK” to “3NjNehCTziU7APp2WB454kpBd5t2cx79j2”

what is the transaction id of the coins not redeemed yet for “3A1d6NyNvfCzRB3af5g7SRbk2hPTQwp5gK”?


To be honest I haven’t seen a ID yet nothing with ccc in front of it actually. that’s the first time I’ve seen that transaction beside my transaction the one you just referred to


ccca1d6f944f5820259e1028debcfaa74d4dca4e2c6ff8044b5c45817f4e64b8 that showed up but that wasn’t there this whole time


ok…so I am assuming that you have the wallet 3NjNehCTziU7APp2WB454kpBd5t2cx79j2 and that is where you sent the coins to because its public key should push the transaction if you do not see them in you wallet


j/w is there a way to “add a witness” in the wallet you sent the with?


TBH I’m realizing now how crappy a wallet it is. No I don’t think so not very many options in that wallet


3A1d6NyNvfCzRB3af5g7SRbk2hPTQwp5gK was the address that’s in my que now I haven’t changed it I don’t think


I just verified the raw transaction so you should see the coins … hopefully if I did it right…

if not ill have to use an website tool or something…let me know if you see them wallet containing the address 3NjNehCTziU7APp2WB454kpBd5t2cx79j2


nothing yet I’m pretty sure the address they were supposed to get sent to was