LTC into oblivion, slow pools responsible


In my opinion the pools that still haven’t started signalling segwit are responsible for the fact that LTC is heading into oblivion, we had a chance to make a difference. But it takes way too long, they move like thick sh1t through a funnel as we say here in the netherlands.
I’m dissapointed and think it’s time to leave ltc behind and switch to coins that have good future and have miners that actually support their coin in any way they can.


I agree with you. Litecoin has lost a tremendous opportunity to be the first honest coin with no premine. I dumped a lot of money into Litecoin because I trusted it’s credo and Charlie Lee’s rhetoric. I honestly saw Litecoin filling in where Bitcoin could not reach. Even Satoshi premined 1Million Bitcoin and people seem to not care. I can’t stand that the attitude in the Litecoin community is so childish (including Charlie Lee). I really believe this image has hurt Litecoin badly. Lately I feel like Litecoin has taken on the personality of the Doge community.


Noone care about LTC.
Only mine and dump.
No real development, no promotion. Only copy paste bitcoin code, promises, twitter trolling and wails on reddit.


It is not a chance we are working on.We are a work in progress.Be patient,LTC is still working as it should…In the meantime,niet lullen maar poetsen…:wink: talk about it,get more people in and most of all,buy more


Please explain further. Are you a developer? Why are there so many other coins gaining value while Litecoin does nothing?


I think both Dash And Ethereum are backed now by traditional finance like hedgefunds and private companies. Not really why the blockchain was invented by Satoshi. The centralized blockchain is a contradiction in terms. The purpose of a blockchain is to increase decentralization.

LTC is what I call a pure blockchain using PoW, had no premine or instamine, yet it doesn’t get rewarded for being one of the last ethical coins in the space. It’s a shame really. It shows how stupid and greedy people are.


LTC had no premine or instamine, also had no code, no idea. Simply copy-past bitcoin code and nothing more. Who needs a cheap fake, which was done in a few minutes? No one.
What is why LTC going down.


Bitcoin has the best developers in the world working on it, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel because it’s basically the same code with different parameters. The idea of LTC was/is faster transactions and improved storage space which is a great idea because BTC has congestion issues.

SegWit and Lightning Network are interesting because together they enable cross chain payment channels between BTC and LTC. Micro payments and low transactions costs are other areas where LTC has potential to shine and because of its exponential character, the Lightning Network can outperform Visa (which is linear) like never seen before.

I’ve seen some of your other posts, you’re clearly not happy with LTC and take every opportunity to critisize it. Whatever makes you happy I guess. Doesn’t change the fact that LTC is one of the few proper and ethical blockchains while 98% of the space are P&D scamcoins.


I agree Gunarson and as a technically inclined person I also understand the importance of Litecoin’s properties. The sad thing is that, while LTC is dragging it’s feet, people are investing into other projects allowing them to grow and swallow up more users. It’s incredibly painful to watch what is happening out there. Please hurry… The world needs you.


…on the contrary, I see a glas half full , not a half empty one, when analysing Litecoin. And it isn´t a cheap wine either…

Some important facts:

  • Litecoin is number three when it comes to volume (USD) traded so far this year (number two in China),
  • Litecoin has an increasing network (+ 50% the last 6 month)
  • Litecoins marketcap is 1/100 of Bitcoin and 1/15 of ETH

Gunarson also pointed out two factors that are even more important than mine for Litecoins long term potencial: its ethnicity and proven history.

I could ofcause be wrong, but my stomach is reacting just the way it did when Bitcoin was trading at the 250-300 level som 18 month ago…


sorry, it should say ethicality and proven history…and “some”… :slight_smile:


I am not a developer but a kept a close watch on crypto including LTC for a while.
My view on LTC stability is cause I think miners prefer it that way.Stable income,easy to convert etc.Marketing is virtually absent and LTC exist in Some soort of shadowrealm where only big holders (or good traders) can make a buck.
But …we see signs of life.
Litecoinfoundation,Segwit,BTC overstretched with no help on the horizon and of course growing adaptation.


Maybe all the Bitcoin developers will come work for Litecoin.


A agree with topicstarter that some pools, F2Pool for example, take way to long to signal SegWit. F2Pool owner revealed they will signal SegWit but not in the next weeks… Why not now?
The point is we are loosing momentum here and for no reason.
So F2Pool and Batpool, please hurry SegWit before is too late


What a awesome thread!! I sure get a insight on what people talking about Litecoin. I goto youtube and listen to all the pro and cons, and I been watchin litecoin mundane small ups and downs. One thing I did see was that Litecoin is a great way to park your LTC, while trading. In the last 12 days, between Dash—Ethurem, I made a sizable profit and I parked it in Litecoin, some to my Eth wallet to build up Eth. Rest to Litecoin. maybe and I really feel that Litecoin is here to stay! I think thats the right question. I trade all kinds of alt coins, but I save Bitcoin–Eth–Dash-- and Litecoin. Thats the route I decided to take s far, and Im pumping all of it up! Man, this is fun!! FREE LITECOINS! :stuck_out_tongue:


I hear reports that JihanWu has a majoity of the hashing power and that he’s preventing SegWit from passing in LTC. Roger Ver and his gang don’t want SegWit to pass so the BTC ‘civil war’ might be infecting LTC as well unfortunately.


That is true Jinan Wu wants to make his own bitcoin and control everything.


How is he controlling hashpower, F2pool is the biggest pool with 37.2%. And the second biggest is already signalling SegWit…


I heard and read it on Adam Meister’s youtube channel. You make a good point though so I’m gonna try find out what the argument is based on.


Fear mongering
I am the 2nd biggest pool most Chinese miners agreed to do segwit on but Jinan wu and others connected to him stop them with fake things.