Make it stop....currently $112.70 LTC ...I am distraught! Ack!


at the current rate of LTC with 90% of all the machines being Bitmain L3+'s (in the most modern group) and the at like 2c kwh I think you lose 12c day on LTC. Thus evenrtually if price stays sideways then difficulty will creep past and we will be in a world of hurt …unless another miner came out at more eff to knock off the pow scrypt bitmain units…but not seeing it

thus no one has an advantage even with elec cost they will be shut of at same time…diff drops everyone turns on at same time…we may do that for a month or so…but if all is underwater from 12c loss a day to 65c loss a day in my case …pretty much they will stay off

in my case i need over 100 bucks usa to break even on electric…and say 115 ltc i would chuk out $1,290.27 in electric costs to make like 30 bucks a month

folk will shut them off the catch is due to bitmain putting them out like toasters 90% will shut off at the same time…leaving bitmain with only 20% equip costs to themselves say, and same cheap electric you speak of the only ones mining pow scrypt coins and LTC

do you really think anyone is gonna just sit back and invest in LTC and scrypt pow coins if the only ones able to make money on them is bitmain …due to their own costs of equip even with same low electric

gonna be ugly…this snafu is beyond just electric prices it is too many bitmain toasters with no new equip
advantage…so this is new…usually there would be a new unit from another mnfg to step in on this

not now…only bitmain pre-orders i’d guess if they even have new equip and if they do have new equip they will fill data halls up first…this could make for an interesting ‘gap’ in equipment for 6 months and maybe have bitmain control 51% of LTC and some scrypt pow coins


again, people will stop miinng if the electric costs out weigh what is coming in …add to that bitmains advantage of getting their own equip at cost and same cheap elec costs you speak of and also the 90% of pow scrypt miners are shut off due to the above supposed senario i propose

intersting indeed

my 8000mh is going off July 4th I think you are gonna see a big dump in difficulty and a lot of yo/yo

as folk toss stuff up 2 days…dump 2 days etc etc till it gets to a point it don’t make sense with a bitmain L3+ unit…thus leaving the field to bitmain data halls when/if the present equipment walks

saw this in 2014 with home miner knc Neptune btc machines…all went off and knc miners made an IPO and just built a place and private chips and pulled up the slack…could be the same result with pow-scrypt

again, too many units of the same type, no advantage but electric and no compeitors to bitmain

this could be an ugly combo …but again july 4th you are gonna see guiqe a dump of hash imho, all the big miners I know are gonna dump

we need an LTC and scrypt pow revival in LTC’s case I’d need about 125 LTC to bother turing them back on

again, 1290.27 elec bill paid 1 month in advance for 30 buck gain at 100 buck ltc is not gonna happen


I hear that, see that, seems odd, smart money turned off the machines, just buying the underlying with the electric money, silly to mine at a loss when you could buy and break even, maybe mining makes up for the fees

Don’t see the economics of mining at a loss


yep…thou to be fair…some of the pow-scrypt coins and LTC are down because miners are shutting off…thus not holding…probably selling some to wrap it all up

thus no ASIC miners on LTC or scrypt-pow with 90% bitmain L3+'s if those puppies go off…gonna be dang hard

to get excited about LTC and scrypt-pow coins…if we are just making money for bitmain as the last data hall

even assuming they get the lowest electric like others they still got the equip for probably 20c on the $1…thus

they will win that race

may get frigging ugly for coins w/o the miner cheerleaders of the masses

oh…also saw today…bitmain is within the scope of a 51% attack on BTC and Jihan Wu of bitmain is a big bch

guy…thus we could have more in common with the local ‘beanie baby group’ then I’m

comfortable with