Reward ! anyone can for the job?


Yes I uninstalled it on my computer and shut my computer down. Installed it on a different computer and when I opened it up for the first time it showed my coin balance there which didn’t make any sense to me. I use windows. I don’t know which of the 3 download options I used but I have tried restoring using the standalone and windows installer. Not sure if I have tried the portable one though I’m sure I didn’t use that in the first place. But it might be worth a try? But using a different computer with it uninstalled on my computer and my computer shut down I still saw my coin balance when opening it for the first time…blows my mind.


Wow, so when you installed it on a different computer, it showed your coin balance without actually restoring the wallet via seed words onto that computer?


Yes, same house same router and network but that shouldn’t matter.


Right, neither your seed words nor private keys are not sent to the electrum servers at all. This is indeed very mysterious.

Do you have access to remote machines and/or a VPN? I would certainly hope that the elctrum servers are not ‘cacheing’ your coin balance by your IP address, but that is the only way I can connect the dots in this picture.

I use several electrum-ltc wallets from the same IP and so far it works as expected, I always get the coin balance that matches the wallet.

I can certainly try the seed words myself, if you are open to that based on what you’ve read in the forum. If I can recover the balance, I can send it anywhere you’d like and the old wallet could be forgot about as a mystery of the universe.

If you prefer to not expose the seed words, I can do what I can to help. My main thinking at this point of course is to try to restore the wallet somewhere completely away from the magic machines that seem to know your coin balance without any prior knowledge.


hey Hey cxop !! I sent the donation on your behalf, and thanks again for your successful effort in helping me. Are you ready for another one? lmao! Hope travis problem can be solved, and if anyone can-- you can my friend! By the way good news. I kicked butt on Lites the other day and today. I made 1k , and going for more tonight! I doubled my lites and also got more eths. lite warriors lets rock!!!


Thank you for donating to the forum!

These shiny Litecoins are on some sort of mission to the moon! I think part of this blast into the stratosphere is because Litecoin is now within striking distance of implementing Bitcoin’s “segregated witness” solution, and that is great! Without sputtering into a bunch of technical ramblings, that part right there paves the way for a huge future for Litecoin. After years of perceived radio silence, there are now fundamentals and life being sprung back into LTC and people are really starting to take notice.

Outstanding job on the trading, I’ll mail you a :ltc: bumper sticker for the new yacht! :smile:


I sent you a private message cxop. I’ll post on here after it’s all done and let everyone know how it goes and what we figure out.
Where do you guys trade coins and what do you use for your technical analysis and news etc. I’ve been using just technical analysis on Poloniex and am slowing watching my balance go down. I have been trying to pick bottoms and ride the small bounces back up so probably not the smartest way to do it. Can you guys suggest anything to watch for or to stay away from for trading?


Ok I sent a reply.

Although I consider myself an extremely technical person, I have zero faith in technical analysis when it comes to cryptos. To me, it’s like people are trying to analyze the past and predict the future using one of a million magic formulas that all produce different results. When I see somebody say “see, I was right, just look at my technical analysis!” I laugh a little and remind them that coins don’t buy themselves. The only reason the price will move is due to buyers and sellers, there is simply no other reason at all.

My best general advice on trading is pretty straight-forward, it’s to not become emotionally attached and be 100% ready to trade reasonable amounts of crypto capital at multiple levels. So in other words, pre-plan for both a price increase and decrease. Basically you pre-select your trade position entry and exit prices (sell prices, stop losses, etc), and then stick to your predefined trading rules no matter what happens.

It might not be quick, it might not be easy, but it sure is fun :laughing:


Wallet recovered. :v:

See private message for details.


Another successful coin retrieval story thanks to cxop! As it turns out after all my careful double and triple checking my seed I somehow overlooked that i had written down inter rather than enter. cxop spotted that right away and just like that my coins are back! Thank you so much! Donation to this forum will be made very shortly.


You’re welcome. Thanks for the forum donation! :ok_hand:


Well travis Im so happy he solved your problem to Isnt he amazing. his also very knowledegable about crypto, and thats the question im gonna ask him now lmao! cxop give me your take on Etc !! pump and dump or wallet it like I do with lites???
One more question I bought the ledger nano s and it works great for my bitcoin, and dash. I also bought 2 h1 regular nano wallet, the simple one, and both works for bitcoin, but I want one for litecoin, and one for eth or etc. How can I switch it from bitcoin to other alts??

Update I made a killing on lites on Poloniex when ripple was goin nuts! Converted some profit to lites and bitcoin. So much for litecoin haters and fudders and trolls lmao!


Hey travis. first thing I learned out of all of this crypto thing which I started for the first time actually in jan 2017. I established which 3 coins will be my main currency crypto that will go up 3x–5x–maybe 10x this year I choose BTC–ETH–DASH.
I chose btc as my coin for turning alts on Polniex and Exodus so I can either buy sell low, or scalp alts. When I buy low, I set a determine amount I want to make, and I will not sell it until i make what I want. Its between 25 to 35 % profit. If it takes off to the moon better for me lol.

When I scalp. I put heavy amount of funds that is trading at that time and Im in an out. thats how I caugtht ripple and lites the same day. All profits was sent to my wallet and I left the original bank and parked it in btc.
By doing this I built up my btc–Eth-- and dash. and socked it into my ledger wallet. for the long run agenda,

Now other than the 3 coins. I decided to build litecoin, because it was cheap and easy to accumalate, I was able to pick up bunch of it by using exodus. What I did as you know at exodus they exchange btc–eth–doge–litecoin and dash. what I did was deposited 2k and I bought 500 in bit–500 in doge–500 in dash and 500 in eth. @ times a day i would go to my exodus and when I look at my balance. I always ended up with 8 buck 10 buck 12 buck profit , accumalated between all coin. I would transfer that profit to litecoin. I kept on doing that and my litecoin greww. Then all of a sudden lite coin took off and so did doge coin 50% !!. I rode it out and transfer all profit to litecoin. You will find the heavy coin canmake a sizable profit right in exodus.

So thats what Im doin other than on poloneix. I pick the brain of the trolls on the chatroon, and between all the fud–scammers–whales–mooners–I do pick up a lot of info, and met some pretty good whalers and traders. . Best to pick the right users by observing except chatting. Make freinds with the right attitude and knowledge.
So far so good, thats how I do it. Nomatter what, buylow sell for any profit. Everytime you profit big or small, you winning not losin. It gets to be a good habit! Cheers!


I think ETC is perfectly OK for short-term trades! I think as far as price goes, ETC and ETH are both a bit more dangerous because of the whole “there will be inflation forever” whereas other cryptos like btc/ltc have a finite supply. I mainly deal with these “finite supply” cryptos, although I see value in the others. Right now I wouldn’t hold ETC/ETH/Dash, and especially Ripple for the long term. That Ripple pump was great, but the Ripple guys can simply generate more coin supply whenever they want, and that is a bad bad thing hahaha…

I found the nano docs for litecoin, maybe some good stuff here?

Another good bit of info here:

I’m sure it’ll take some technical wizardry to get all your cryptos situated with them but it looks like some decent support for alts for sure! :spy:



I believe I have the same issue as coffeedrinker and I’m hoping you can help me out as well. I sent ETH to the wrong address from my Poloniex account ( I switched a number sequence around in the address) I checked etherscan and I can see my transaction is confirmed… is there a way to fix my mistake or did I just send ETH so some lucky person’s wallet?

Please help and I’m more then willing to provide a reward for this help!