Support Litecoin on a local level



Support Litecoin on a local level


In case you have not heard of us yet, we are a peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange similar to LocalBitcoins. What sets us apart is that we have added a number of Altcoins to our service and are pushing to make local trading of Altcoins and Bitcoins much easier. We received great feedback so far and are steadily growing our user base.


In order to further grow our community, we need more sellers to engage into trading on our website. To do so we would like to ask you to encourage your local bitcoin seller to trade on Liberalcoins. By doing this, you will not just support us, but also Litecoin on a local level.


What’s in it for you? A private and secure marketplace where you can easily trade Altcoins and Bitcoins all under one roof – local and international. We also have an affiliate program where you can earn coins from each one of your referrals.


Check out our website and let us know if you have any questions!


do you guys have an escrow account on the site? only reason I don’t use local bitcoins is because I don’t feel like getting beatup and robbed…if they had escrow I wouldn’t have to leave the house…


Hi bakd247,
we are an escrow service. That means, that we store the coins in escrow until the transaction has been finalised by the seller.

Does that answer your question?


yes thank you…that is exactly what I am looking for…