Litecoin to Bitcoin address?



Every transaction gets signed by a private key when it is sent…since you have multisig address you need multiple signatures to spend the funds…
apparently you already signed it with one private key…now you need to sign the transaction with the second of the 3 required private keys to unlock the funds…

google multisig transacitons

in core wallet you open console and type
signtransaction (transactions hex)

this needs to be done twice for multisig…


shows there is an unspent output going to a 3 address…
meaning this is a segwit transaction…
the only way to redeem these coins is to have the L address or M address that belongs to the 3 address in your wallet…

is 356NuZUn1rwUjj1vv5mP8TaMWJ46SbQS4X in your wallet?
is that what came up when you ran “addwitness”?
if not then you need to run add witness on the first “L” address as well as the new one you imported…

I have to go right now but i can look at this a little more when I get back…in a few hours

doesn’t look to me like tyou sent anything to a bitcoin address…u sent it to a segwit address…just because the number is valid on bitcoins blockchain doesn’t mean that is where your coins are…
they cannot be sent from a litecoin node to a bitcoin node anyways because they are two different blockchains…you coins are in:
on the litecoin blockchain…
as you can see here…the address on the bitcoin blockchain has a different amount of coins from different address…again you CANNOT SEND BETWEEN BLOCKCHAINS!!!

make sure you are importing the correct keys on the correct chain with correct transaciton ids…
and run add witness on the first L address…


which ever “M” address returns the same “3” address that the coins were sent to in the transaciton is the one you need to have the private key for in your wallet in order to redeem the coins…otherwise you need the "redeemscript for the multisig address if it was a multisig wallet that made the segwit transaction…

whoever told whoever to send the coins to the “3” address is the one who ran addwittness on the “L” address to get the “3” address in the first place because that is the only way to get the inital “3” address for the transaction to have occurred.

in order to obtain a “3” address in core you run addwitness(L address) or addwitness(M address)
and it returns a 3 address

if you run addwitness on an M address then you are running addwitness on a multisig address…which is another type of P2SH address…

who ever made the 3 address was who ever made the “M” address (multisig address)
and when you create a multisig address you get back a “redeemScript”

know you have the correct initial "L’ address right?
open console and type:
addmultisig 1 (L address)

and if you get the same “M” address" back then you are the one who created the multisig address initally

P2SH address’ refer to transactions is all they do…the coins are unlocked with P2SH but are still actually in the Initial L address that created the P2SH address…just the L address released the transaction to the P2SH(segwit or multisig) address as a key on the blockchain and you use a redeemScript to tell the wallet that you are the one aloud to access the coins with that P2SH address(segwit or multisig) and the redeemscript

you must have the same private public key pair in your wallet belonging to the “L” address that created the “M” address which created the P2SH address(segwit or multisig)

try running this in console:
and see if all your unspent outputs add up to the balance you see in your wallet


where do I get hex?


addwitnessaddress “L-address” returns M-address.
addwitnessaddress “3-address” returns M-address.
addwitnessaddress “M-address” returns M-address.


type decoderawtransaction (transaction id) to get hex of tx id

type signtransaction (transaction hex)

this will only work if all signatures match all public keys

when you type getrawtransaction (tx id)
how many signatures are required to spend/redeem the coins?


this doesn’t return a 3-address. it returns the same M-address.


Method not found (code -32601)


a M address is a multisig address…just another form of P2SH…and you said you already tried converting that M address using the P2SH converter?
if it returns a M address after using the P2SH converter then it is for sure a multisig adress and needs another redeem script to redeem the transaction that funded the address


bakd247, I am trying to do everything you suggest, but i am stuck now. On the console, I am not getting what you thought I should. can you please write a step by step guide at this point please?

Just to summarize, I have completed the following steps:

You’re going to need a fully synced Litecoin-qt install for this to work, which may take 5-10 hours.
1. Open up this page,, and
2. Copy your private key into the Wallet Details tab on Scroll to the bottom and copy the “Private Key Hexadecimal Format (64 characters [0-9A-F]):” value.
3. Go to the page and move around your mouse until the Wallet Details tabs appears. Put in the hex key from the previous step in here.
4. Select and copy the compressed WIF key (NOT the one starting with 6). Also keep note of the “Litecoin Address Compressed” from the first half of the page (starting with L)
5. Open up Litecoin-qt, then head into the debug console.
6. Run importprivkey “” (with quotes).
7. Once the import finished, run addwitnessaddress “”.
8. Wait for this import to finish as well. Take the M-address from the console and use this tool to convert it to a 3-Address.

and I still don’t have the coins anywhere in my wallet. please help.


you cant do it like that…you must do
addmultisig 1 (pubkey)


I did not write that 10 step how to…I just posted it because someone else said it helped them…


as you see, converting the M-address returns the original 3-address. This 3-address is the bitcoin address I mistakenly sent litecoins into.


do you know where I can get that public key?


there is your 3 address…

only reason your not getting it in your litecoin client is because you are missing a step

you more than likely need to do this

addwitnessaddress (“3” address you just got from the converter")

if that doesnt work then you are missing a required pub key

if you are missing that pub key in your wallet then it will return:
addwitness does not refer to any address

again how many signatures does it say it needs when you type:
decoderawtransaction (tx hex) ?


addwitnessaddress "356NuZUn1rwUjj1vv5mP8TaMWJ46SbQS4X"


is this hex Private Key Hexadecimal Format (64 characters [0-9A-F]) from step 2?
2. Copy your private key into the Wallet Details tab on Scroll to the bottom and copy the “Private Key Hexadecimal Format (64 characters [0-9A-F]):” value.


no the hex it returns when you type getrawtransaction (txid)


got it.

    "reqSigs": 1,


ok…so you just added the 3 address and it gave you a M address…so your missing the pub key belonging to MBJXDStjxynuYEHq1xkix6pkpzeYP9cW2c

does it say the address is yours when you type:
validateaddress MBJXDStjxynuYEHq1xkix6pkpzeYP9cW2c



yes. the address is mine.

validateaddress M-address also returns a scriptPubKey. is this the public key you mentioned?