Ridiculous hashing power with 750Ti video card on P2Pool


ok guys…sorry for so much confusion…figured I’d just make a new post to this rather than editing the old stuff…figured out what I am doing here…and “Hacking DNS” is essential what is going on…I have been saying to forward the wrong ports the whole time…all you have to do is forward port 80 to what ever ip address you are running the proxy software on then connect to that ip address using the regular get work port…this allows the loop that DNS prevents by using the regular 3333 stratum port and forwarding it through port 80 externally into the server then back out through 3333 which the software is using to broadcast back to the litecoin pool server or p2pool network


It shows your hashrate as 260kH/s. Those aren’t shares that pay though. Go to to find out your paying shares. You need to run for at least 24 hours to get an idea how shares pay out.


that is why I was trying to upload the video…it shows my hashrate at 270 yes but these shares raked up to 3000 shares in under 5 minutes…my hash rate at that link was paying me out at .01 ltc every 24 hrs…it took me 2 months to do that on litecoinpool.org…what I am amazed at is the fact that the 270kh/s was being turned in so fast that my hash rate was stupid high…because I was mining locally is what I am guessing because when I connect a worker from another computer to it…then I get the correct rate…only when I run the server, p2pool and ccminer on the same machine is when it did this…it paid me .008 ltc for something like 1.5 hours of mining…also i figured out its because the difficulty on p2pool is under 2…my card usually turns in 512 shares at a time or 1024 or how ever many packets my connection will ping at once…thing is because i was mining to my “local” server on the same machine as the miner I am pinging like time is standing still…Im not having to go through routers to get to the server connection…not to mention that the “difficulty” or packets of information sent per second never increased only because it wasn’t going through routers until it was being turned in as an accepted share…
when any server is pinged through a router…its pings once then doubles every time until there is an error in the connection…most connections stop around 512 or 1024…you can set this at most pools by specifying a difficulty at the end of your password…no routers to get to my server = no pings…just sent results to the pooled servers


It’s because the shares are ridiculously easy. And those aren’t paying shares. You will not get anymore payout than the 260kH/s will earn.

The block explorer shows p2pool found three blocks in the last 24 hours. So your payout should be higher. That is unusual. Likely over the next few days no blocks will be found and you’ll discover your payout is 0 LTC each day. Nice that the pool was lucky when you first started there. I mined on p2pool for years I know how it works.


If you say so…I wouldn’t be getting paid this much otherwise…a confirmed share is a confirmed transaction…when a peer sends a transaction the fee is released to the first miner who finds a matching hash…I am finding them fast and getting paid for every one that has a fee attached to it while building the block…once the fees add up to 25 coins then I get paid along with everyone else who finds matching hashes…
it takes 25000 transactions at a fee of .001 ltc to equal 25 ltc in a block…so at 270kh/s I am getting .0000027 ltc per share confirmed assuming the transaction fee for that transaction is .001 (can be more can be less).here it is .1687 roughly per confirmed hash of a distributed block so I got .1687 once that block was found if I would have continued mining until it was found.
…you get paid for every matched hash so i don’t know where your coming up with not paid shares from…mine on any other pool and your miner will try a few times before it finds a matching hash…if you don’t believe me then look up how a brute force attack works…which is exactly what mining is only on a private network so to speak
I know how it works to when its pinging through a bunch of routers to make a p2p network…my point here is that I am basically connected p2p but able to solo mine at the same time…I finagled the ports to get it to work…it kept kicking me off saying it was because I was connected to my own wallet…so I used port forwarding to connect my local miner using the forwarded port…I only had to ping my own router (and not multiple routers like all other user of IPV4) to get a confirmed hash…
when i connect any other miner externally through another port on my router it mines like all other pools do…

so in conclusion I am getting .0000027 per share on p2pool (modified in my case) where litecoinpool.org is only paying .000000003200 per share


if you look at the picture…every share on it was found in the same second…


once the total for your hash rate equal 25 ltc you find a block…took me 2 weeks to find a block at 50 mh/s on litecoinpool.org…but 3 months to earn 10 coins only because of their pps system…which I think is bogus according to how other site state that p2pool miners have an advantage over traditional pools


Feel free to continue thinking you’ve discovered a way to make more and somehow all other miners have overlooked. Frankly I’m tired and don’t want to explain how p2pool works. Based on what you’ve written you don’t seem to understand that a block is 25 new coins and that fees are added to each block. Likely there aren’t 25000 transactions in 24 hours. Have a great day and continue to be happy.


I never said there were 250000 transactions in 24 hours…once a hash is confirmed and paid then there is no fee left with it…the hashes get confirmed over and over again…you can still get a confirmed hash and get paid for it as long as the node you are connected to finds the next “n” block or payout block in line…only the node with the first matching list of hashes gets paid…were all mining towards the same block at the same time…all pools…so once the block is found i would have gotten paid…if a block was found…

if it takes a pool longer than 2.5 minutes to solve a list of hashes or “block” then the network will distribute the next pay block to the next one in line with a confirmed list of matching hashes…like I said…it works just like a brute force attack that were all racing for and every 2.5 minutes a node is able to get a block…

I really dont see where Im wrong here…but thanks for the insight anyway


I only would have gotten .1687 if and when the next block was found accordingly so the math all works out…but if I connected the way i was suppose to with my miner being on a separate controller…I would have gotten a lot less…like I have been doing for months…point


btw port forwarding forwards all the traffic to that specific ip using multiple routers…port forwarding is what made it mine faster…connected like the directions say without port forwarding I am getting next to nothing with a video card
also had to change the port to the 10333 instead of 9333…and I connected my miner using my port forward address of 10.0.0…instead of 127.0.0…


every found block being 25 new coins would have distributed all the coins by now…over time the fees are added to the blocks to compensate for less distribution…based on current distribution there is no way that majority of all new blocks are new coins…that would mean hundreds of coins are distributed every day…
and majority of miners watch a how to youtube video, set their miner and forget about it…and good luck finding a how to on correctley setting up solo mining for the common user…I study hacking and networking so I’d think i would have a little bit more understanding than most miners who have no interest in the inner workings of bitcoin/litecion do. Ever heard of a zero day exploit?


Actually for the first four years every block found was 50 new coins (plus fees). We are now in a four year period of every block being 25 new coins (plus fees) At the next halving it will be reduced to 12.5 new coins (plus fees). Until 84 million coins are created. In BTCs case until 21 million coins are created. Yes it does mean 100s more coins are created everyday (actually thousands at 14,400/day until the next halving for LTC).

Edit: Based on the flow of our conversation I think I should clarify that the fees are not newly mined; but, represent previously mined coins that are part of a transaction.


At current difficulty (99000), and a hashrate of 260kh/s, you can expect 0.00132 LTC / day. Last I checked P2Pool has less than 1% of the total hashpower so it takes some time to even out the statistics, but nevertheless you should expect close to 0,04 LTC after 30 days of mining. That is your benchmark…


I know what I can expect…i know the bench marks and I know what the calculators say…been mining for a long time…fact is when am hooked up using these settings i am getting more than I was when following the directions on p2pools website…i really dont care if anyone believes me…because my wallet says otherwise…and we can argue all day but you can’t knock it until you try it…
I’ve been mining for a long time and many different coins…i know how to manipulate drivers…


We all get the same charts…


Then I salute you :slight_smile:


Its not like I’m making a hell of a lot more…where I was making .01687 per block I am now making .1687 per block…because i am not pinging through every router on IPV4 in order to connect to the network like it does when I set up as regular solo or on a regular pool


My card isn’t mining faster…I am sending and receiving the packets faster if that makes sense…I’m pretty sure its because my modem only does something like actual 800mb/s upload on the 1.3mb/s connection…my gigabit switch and cards in my machine are faster than that so I am basically forwarding my uploads to myself rather than through the router then to my self if you can follow that…in theory this should work the same on a proxy connection for any pool…I will try it out and post my results.
P2Pool would find more blocks if more people were mining on it…just another reason that it CAN be better than a pps system…only when the difficulty is as high as it is now is when I am really starting to see a hit in my earnings with the traditional pools…this is due to heavy traffic to the pool server…which is why I ventured to earn a little more…
mining locally and running the server myself and using port forwarding i have no traffic but me…


turns out not only was i right but I am getting 4.4 mh/s out of a 750ti on litecoinpool.org using this method…port forwarding is key and not using the local address…so if a miner is being run on a raspberry…run the proxy then forward a port to it…connect to that address that the port is forwarded to and whalla!!!

Note: worker 1 is gridseeds running like normal directions say to and worker 3 is 2 zeus thunder x6’s same way…worker 2 is the 750 ti running proxy on a separate windows machine